The Women Artists of the North East Library brings together research and donated material to form a cultural resource that contributes to the history of women* artists working in the North East of England. 

The Library’s collection includes publications, audio, images and other forms of documentation that record historic and current artistic practice and programming across the North East of England. 

Through research, commissions and events the Library traces the influence of women artists who practiced, lived, studied, taught or exhibited in the North East of England. 

The project creates new contexts for exploring the character and legacy of the North East’s art scene in relation to the work of women artists. It offers a re-appraisal of artists less visible in current narratives, but who have shaped the region’s cultural history and identity. The project situates itself within the arts and in doing so is committed to imagining with other artists and cultural workers the re-constituting of an a non-discriminatory, non-violent, anti-racist, anti-elitist, caring and welcoming arts sector.

Women Artists of the North East Library exists as a physical collection, a public programme and on-going research process. It is open to donations and works collaboratively with artists, communities and cultural organisations to expand and share its collection. 

The library is led by artist Holly Argent and hosted at The Northern Charter (Newcastle upon Tyne). Tess Denman-Cleaver works as the Library’s Producer. 

*inclusive of women-identifying and trans women.

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Women Artists of the North East Library at Workplace Foundation, 2018

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