Film Screening – Living Organism

Film Screening: Living Organism with Kate Liston, Tess Denman-Cleaver and Holly Argent

30th August 2018

Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Part of the public programme to the exhibition Women Artists of the North East Library at Workplace Foundation, this screening situated Newcastle-based artist Kate Liston’s film ‘Treatment’ alongside a selection of work influential to her practice, including ‘Hand Tinting’ (1967) by Joyce Wieland and a live performance of ‘Mutualism’ by Tess Denman-Cleaver, written around Liston’s film.

In dialogue with Liston’s ‘Film for EBM’, currently exhibited at Workplace Foundation, the screening will include Ella Bergmann-Michel’s ‘Wo Wohnen Alte Leute’, (Where the Old People Live, 1931), which observes a working day in an old people’s home in Weimar Germany. Modernist architecture moves in tandem with its inhabitants and becomes a social being—a ‘living organism’.

A discussion with Adam Pugh (Director of Projections at Tyneside Cinema) and Kate Liston, Tess Denman-Cleaver and Holly Argent followed the screening.

Materials provided at the screening to download:

Programme Notes, including full film listings

A3 poster/crib sheet

Joyce Weiland, Handtinting (1967) Image courtesy of the
artist and Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

Ella Bergmann-Michel, Where Old People Live (Wo Wohnen Alte Leute) (1931)